沃手工作 | winnowork | NEU NOW 2016 Festival
沃手・握手,多才的雙方握手合作 聚首的藝術創作工作者,從立體雕塑、動力機械、互動程式不同領域出走,玩轉框限,進而以握手共濟的形式群聚「沃手工作」
沃手, 沃手工作, Art,Interactive,Installation,Performance,Sculpture,Kinetic,Exhibition,Maker,Develop,互動,設計,互動程式,空間,雕塑,公共藝術,動力設計,展覽,開發,藝術服務,創作
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NEU NOW 2016 Festival

沃手成員蔡宜婷受邀荷蘭阿姆斯特丹第8屆NEU NOW藝術節參展。

NEU NOW是荷蘭阿姆斯特丹國際性的藝術節,宗旨在促進藝術交流,從不同的文化藝術視角的選擇匯集,選出一年一度新興藝術家,從展覽、演出、工作坊、電影和藝術家座談等等,提供新的視角和未來合作展演的機會,讓獲選青年藝術家公開展示自己的作品。

NEU NOW現在經營作為一個平台,促進戲劇,舞蹈,視覺藝術,音樂和電影藝術的卓越,成為創造未來藝術家國際間的跳板。此外,選定的藝術家將有機會被邀請展示自己的作品,並與其他合作夥伴包括阿姆斯特丹攝影美術館、南岸倫敦大賽、歐洲柏林等地有更多的合作展覽機會。

NEU NOW藝術節由ELIA-歐洲藝術院校聯盟舉辦,此計劃經由歐盟歐洲創新計劃所補助。

NEU NOW is Amsterdam’s international art festival devoted to presenting the work of exceptional emerging talents advancing from art academies across Europe and beyond. A curated selection of artists is brought together to share their works, practices and cultural perspectives in ways that encourage future collaborations. NEU NOW highlights the fluid character of the artistic disciplines to present a programme in which exhibitions, performances, workshops, films and artist talks converge to provide new perspectives and future opportunities.

In addition to the main event in September, NEU NOW supports emerging artists throughout the year. NEU NOW operates as a platform promoting artistic excellence in theatre, dance, visual arts, music and film, creating an (inter)national springboard for artists of the future. Cutting edge presentations and activities feature artwork that questions, comments on and challenges recent developments in the world. Additionally, selected artists are invited to show their work and participate in residencies with partners of NEU NOW including FOAM Fotografiemuseum Amsterdam, Southbank London, Prix Europa Berlin, and more.

NEU NOW is an initiative of ELIA – European League of Institutes of the Arts.