沃手工作 | winnowork | 2017 月津港燈節 四季禮讚
沃手・握手,多才的雙方握手合作 聚首的藝術創作工作者,從立體雕塑、動力機械、互動程式不同領域出走,玩轉框限,進而以握手共濟的形式群聚「沃手工作」
沃手, 沃手工作, Art,Interactive,Installation,Performance,Sculpture,Kinetic,Exhibition,Maker,Develop,互動,設計,互動程式,空間,雕塑,公共藝術,動力設計,展覽,開發,藝術服務,創作
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2017 月津港燈節 四季禮讚




Symphony of The Seasons

Climate has played a main role in shaping the looks of a society. It influences our agriculture, farming, and all other things that humankind needs to meet its basic needs. As for Tainan, in this highly-developed era, the impact of our climate has exceeded these needs for most people and is now also visible in different forms of artworks. Seasons strongly influence cultural developments. Artists immersed in gloomy weather are more likely to create cold-toned works while those from tropical areas tend to use vibrant colors. Urban Art Studio divides the entire exhibition area into a few zones. Each zone features different works presenting the beauty of four seasons. The beauty depicted by our artists will make you wish the exhibition would never end.


光譜原色 – 四季

光譜原色 – 冰山